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DIY Built in Bedroom Cupboards in Cape Town

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built in bedroom cupboards
built in bedroom cupboards
built in bedroom cupboards
DIY flatpacked, Pre assembled or installed bedroom cabinets and built in cupboards
The two main reasons clients come to is either because
they would like to learn how to install diy kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboards or
they would like us to install their kitchens or built in cupboards for them but still save
money on their project.

Why use us?

So what makes our product so superior than others and why would a customer want
to buy from us? Well it's simple. We offer a complete solution to your problem. Not
only do we supply easy to assemble and install diy cupboards we also provide 
professional advice and a kitchen design service. We know that not everyone has 
experience with cupboard design software so we've employed designers that not
only know how to design built in bedroom cupboards and kitchens but have allot of
experience installing them as well. You can clearly see if a designer hasn't actually
installed a kitchen. How? By forgetting to allow for side fillers, not lining the sink's
waste up with the cupboard properly, not making the space for the fridge, washing
machine or dishwasher big enough so that it can slide into the space comfortably
without pinching your fingers. These are all important factors to bare in mind.

What we offer

We sell deferent types of diy bedroom cupboards with pvc wrap doors. You
can then choose if you want to add a white or color melamine door or a wrap door
to the diy bedroom cupboard at an additional charge. When you buy the doors with
the cupboards you will also get the hinges with free of charge.

Our installation services

For those who aren't up for the challenge we provide a service where we do the
complete installation of your kitchen or built in bedroom cupboards. Our installation
charge is R450 per running meter for wall and floor cupboards and R550 per/m
for bulkheads and fridge casings.
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