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Welcome to our DIY 3D kitchen designs section
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Check out our gallry of kitchen designs and get ideas for your beautiful kitchen. We have a wide range of pictures of kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards designs and kitchen layouts to choose from.
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
kitchen designs photos and pictures
How our DIY Kitchen Designs process works.

> The client supplies a floor plan with dimensions to us
   (If the client doesn't have a floor plan for the kitchen  we can go to site to take
   measurements of their kitchen)
> We design their kitchen by placing our diy kitchen cupboards in the design
   floor plan.(kitchen designs photos)
> The client chooses their desired doors and worktop finishes.
> We quote the client on the kitchen designs
> Once the client accepts the quotation we supply the kitchens, doors and worktops
   to the client. (Our diy units are supplied in flat-pack form)
> The client can then choose to install the kitchen himself/herself or we will supply a
   professional installer to the client from our Installation division.

Why is it important to have designs done for your kitchen?

Can you afford to build your diy kitchen cupboards without having proper plans. The way the kitchen designs look here is exactly 
the way it will look in a kitchen. The dimensions are accurate to the millimeter so you know you won't have a cupboard that
doesn't fit once you start to assemble and install. The kitchen designs here was designed for one of our clients. You will notice 
that the fridge is a bit lower than the fridge cupboard unit. The client asked us to design it like that because above the  fridge on
 the wall on the left you will also notice a DV board. DV boards are not allowed to be covered by law so our client kept the low 
fridge they had and just left a space on top. The space on top of the fridge can be used to pack items on. If you want to learn
 to design and install your own diy kitchen cupboards you can visit one of the biggest and most informative diy kitchen websites 
on the net. By the way. If you need really hot designs done for your kitchen in Cape Town visit Mod Antique by clicking here.

Benefits of using 3D programs for Kitchen Designs

The great thing about 3D programs is that it helps you to do kitchen designs effortlessly and to the milimeter. The kitchen designs 
also look like real photos so once we've designed it you will feel much more confident in the end product.

Our design software has a very large photo gallery of deferent wood and stone colors so we can  choose just about any to design 
your kitchen. We even have deferent size handles to put on the kitchen doors making it look modern and sleek. Lighting in the 
kitchen also plays a big part in how the finishes of the kitchen doors, panels and counter tops are going to look. The software we 
use to do the kitchen designs with makes the light coming through the kitchen window look like actual sun light.

Dont go through the all the effort of designing and plaaing your kitchen without design sotware. Kitchen designs software allows 
you to do the work much quicker and without much effort. Long gone are the times when you had to use a pencil and paper to
sketch up a drawing of your kitchen. Design software also makes designing your kitchen so mich more fun. With all the
catelogues out there that has thousands of deferent photos of melamine, wood, wrap, duco spray, granite, formica, plain chip
board an so much more the opertunities are endless to design the perfect kitchen.

One of my favorite design companies kitchen BK Designs. Their design software that they use has a drag and drop feature to 
help you insert the kitchen units much easier. Building kitchen cupboards has never been so easy. They even use bosch 
kitchen appliances in their designs to get that real South African feel to the kitchen. The granite of the counter tops can also be
set to be either in a high gloss or mat finish leaving a beautifull glare and the kitchen and reflecting anything from the sink, tap,
fridge or oven to the wall units, bulk-heads or kitchen windows. The view of the windows in the design software can also be 
changed to be either a country look with horses, a garden look with trees or the sea side with a beautifull blue view. It does'nt get
more real than that!

If you want to get kitchen deisgns done or just a 2d layout for your kitchen you can visit our contact page and drop us an email
or contact us telephonically.
Kitchen designs and bathroomspecialist. Over 10 years experience. Helping clients build their dream kitchen and bathroom.
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